Trust Builds Success

STi’s experience includes highly profiled projects in aviation, aerospace and the defense industry. Some of our risk assessment software tools are implementing PDD-63 compliance to NAS and providing project management…just to name a few.

STi establishes relationships that help clients achieve greatness. Our clients and their programs make our best referrals. Nothing succeeds like success. Most of our successes do not make headlines. Most of our clients want operational success, pure and simple.

  • STi has provided excellent services to our programs in a timely manner. Their continued use within our company is assured.–H. H., Raytheon Systems Company

  • STi prepared our CDRLs independently, requiring little input from the design engineers. Our CDRL was delivered on time and on budget. I found it refreshing.–J.S., Dynamic Controls

  • STi uses the latest modeling techniques and tools for complete analysis of complex problems. They have the technical talent to understand detailed engineering issues while using a practical approach to provide a cost effective solution.–B. V., Parker Hannifin

  • Their state-of-the-art safety and reliability analytical approaches are effective and precise. STi gave us a high degree of confidence in the robustness and dependability of our solid rocket motor redesign.–K. S., Morton Thiokol

  • STi’s aging effects analysis using BIT data from the fielded system could provide enhanced system availability for complex hit-to-kill missile systems.–M. D., AMICOM

  • They were very responsive to our schedule needs without compromising the quality of the projects. With a new program just starting, their staff came on board very quickly and provided immediate value. That is saying a lot about their company.–K.H., Standard Missile Company

  • Our system was very complex. STi’s innovative analytical techniques isolated several problem areas and made a significant impact in our next generation product.–Civil Servant

  • The job was conducted in accordance with CDRL requirements and our customers are very satisfied with the final reports.–D.R., Electrospace Systems Inc.

  • Their engineering staff is focused! They excel in providing solutions to problems. They are very attentive to deadlines and perform on schedule and under budget.–Non-Profit Organization