Logistics Support
STi is fully equipped to provide a diverse range of logistics support services to our clients. We supply the people, skills, equipment, facilities, and technical data needed to manage and improve diverse logistics operations from start to finish. This includes the creation, execution, and maintenance of policies and procedures to fit any system or subsystem. We partner with our customers to develop and implement an integrated logistics support system that reduces life cycle support costs while increasing operational availability.


Our logistics solutions are designed to ensure the right resource is available at the right price and quantity when and where needed. From managing a warehouse to conducting studies and analyses, STi’s logistics team can provide customized solutions to support complex maintenance operations or operate existing supply operations within traditional customer frameworks.

Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)
STi utilizes LORA to determine if a failed component should be repaired or discarded and at which maintenance level this should occur.
Supply Support
STi performs supply support for systems which keep operations mission ready by procuring, managing, supplying and scheduling replacement of spare parts.
Industrial Business Operations Planning
To provide comprehensive operations planning services, STi analyzes procedures and constraints, capabilities in strategic and operational planning, and component and manufacturing technologies.
Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
STi uses the RCM process as a cost-effective method to ensure the safety and reliability of logistical systems.
Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
STi employs LSA to develop and analyze databases, reports, and program plans, and to evaluate items such as software definition, task selections, interfaces, support ability requirements, and restraints.
Maintenance Scheduling & Management
STi works with OEMs to review and update maintenance planning documents through the process of analyses, technical studies and reports in support of organizational, intermediate, and depot level maintenance tasks.
Design Interface and Maintenance Planning
STi utilizes Design Maintenance and Interface Planning to apply design parameters to readiness and logistics resource requirements and accounts for an integrated relationship between maintenance plans, the design process, and subsequent sustainment analyses.
Training Support
STi provides logistics training support for personnel executing logistics and maintenance tasks which include the use of software systems, technical publications, and maintenance policies/procedures.