Project Management & Control
With a commitment to safety and quality that is non-negotiable and proven processes to keep projects on budget, STi is the premier choice for Project Management & Control. We have drawn from our decades of successful experience delivering projects in challenging environments to create unique and comprehensive project management tools and procedures which allow our personnel to provide optimal support. STi understands that spending can be tight, and we have built our project management tools to promote cost and schedule certainty, keeping projects on schedule and within budget.
In today’s complex acquisition environment, effective program management requires comprehensive corporate support, and STi delivers on that need. Our executive leadership and program management support team of DAWIA-certified technical, financial, contract, process, and administrative Subject Matter Experts support every effort we undertake. Our goal is to work with the each customer to create a custom project management solution that fills their service gaps, balances all demands, and responds to the customer’s needs. Whether we are chosen as the entire program management team or only a complementary part of your existing framework, we always serve as a trusted partner vested in the success of the program. We measure our success by the success of our customer.
1Program Management Professionals
2Technical Project Management
3Organizational Development & Leadership
4Lean/Six Sigma Solutions
5Contract & Administrative Support
6Risk Management & Change Management
7Budget & Financial Management
Risk Management
STi systems engineers provide cradle-to-grave planning and analysis of enterprise risk from program conception to final disposition. We evaluate the exposure of complex programs to cost, schedule, and performance risk, develop risk-control strategies, and track the handling of risk as investments are made in risk mitigation. We use earned value management (EVM) and risk-based decision techniques to provide critical technical advice in monitoring, tracking and controlling the cost, schedule, and performance metrics for large-scale, complex government programs to develop and acquire systems that are critical to national defense.
Training Services
Our experience has shown us that nothing serves as a stronger force multiplier than well-trained soldiers, sailors, airmen and support personnel. STi’s training capabilities use highly experienced and certified trainers and educational professionals to ensure the technical proficiency, safety and security of each person trained.We work with our customers to develop dynamic curricula that meet their exact needs, and oversee the training process from conception to delivery. From classrooms, to flight simulators, to hangar floors, to the field, STi trainers go when and where needed to deliver comprehensive training programs.