Strategic Technology Institute, Inc. (STi) provides professional and technical support services to a wide range of Government, private, and local community customers. Our associates thrive in a dynamic industry that demands excellence in quality, and safety, and performance. Focusing on meeting and exceeding all customer needs in a timely and cost-efficient manner, STi has risen to become an industry leader in the following five (5) distinct areas:

Maintenance, Repair, & Overhaul

STi provides diverse MRO solutions that range from meeting daily servicing and maintenance requirements to extensive modifications, overhauls and system upgrades. We currently service a variety of Government aircraft, vehicles, related equipment, and facilities at sites throughout the United States and around the globe.

Safety, Reliability, Maintainability, & Quality Assurance

STi has been an industry leader in SRM&QA for over three decades, providing exceptional engineering design, product analysis, systems integration, configuration management, quality, safety, reliability, and testing. Our work has included services to NASA, the Missile Defense Agency, and various branches of the US Department of Defense.

Logistics Support

STi is fully equipped to provide end-to-end logistics support services. From managing warehouse operations to conducting in-depth studies and analyses of supply chain procedures, we design all our services to ensure the right resources are available at the right price and quantity when and where they are needed.

Information Technology & Cybersecurity

From designing custom IT solutions, to maintaining legacy systems, STi has the tools and expertise to provide IT and cybersecurity support that meet the dynamic challenges of today and tomorrow. To date, we have helped more than 25 government clients in designing, and integrating IT service management solutions that are practical, effective, and secure.

Project Management & Control

As a veteran service provider to both Government and private customers in a wealth of areas, STi integrates our unique and proven project management methodology into everything we do. With a non-negotiable commitment to safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness, STi is the premier choice for project and program management and control.