IT & Cybersecurity
At STi, IT is our business. From designing custom IT solutions to maintaining legacy systems, STi has the tools, expertise, and technical reach to provide information technology services that meet the dynamic challenges of today and tomorrow. Enabling sound decision-making by delivering timely and critical information to customers, STi can develop, install, maintain, protect and service a wide range of IT and communication systems and infrastructure. We have served more than 25 government clients in planning, designing, and integrating IT service management solutions that are both practical and workable. These solutions enabled STi to shift our IT resources into services that provided optimal value to their respective enterprises.


STi has also been lauded as one of the most experienced providers of cyber security. We specialize in comprehensive, integrated security support, which includes computer and network design, implementation, and operations. The rapid evolution of technology and increasing use of remote networks to store, access, and transmit data creates a critical need to stay ahead of threats. STi tackles some of the most challenging cyber security and information technology problems facing our nation, delivering the depth and breadth of experience needed to protect the integrity, availability, and security of your enterprise’s most critical systems.


The STi IT & Cybersecurity services group is made up of two divisions: IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT & Cybersecurity Operations. The ITSM group focuses on the design, planning, and implementation of our services using industry best practices. The IT & Cybersecurity Operations group focuses on providing ongoing, net-centric services to our clients.

Information Assurance

STi provides solutions for the strategic protection of our customers’ data, information systems, and network operations, including:

  • Computer network operations
  • Software-defined networking
  • Implementation of continuous monitoring tools for FISMA compliance
  • Design, configuration and implementation of RSA Archer
  • Implementation of security assessment and authorization
  • Server and application security
  • Asset management
  • Computer Forensics
  • Public Key Infrastructure and cryptographic planning and implementation
  • Identity management authorization, authentication, and access
  • FISMA program support – initiation, certification, accreditation, and monitoring
Risk Management

STi creates dynamic solutions to ensure rigorous identification, assessment, and prioritization of critical cybersecurity risks for our customers, including:

  • IT governance, privacy, auditing, and compliance
  • Security strategic planning and documentation
  • Policy and IT security control development
  • System security certification and accreditation
  • Cybersecurity training and awareness
Operations Continuity
Our IT & Cybersecurity team provides solutions to ensure that government IT operations are able to continue to perform at optimal capacity, including:
  • Business continuity planning
  • Vulnerability assessment and incident management
  • Disaster recovery