Business Process Management

Business processes are critical to successful operations and customer interactions. BPM enables organizations to better execute and manage processes. Tasks, information, and processes that were once rigid and siloed are transformed into agile integrated business processes that drive business value. Our tools provide complete transparency of processes, activities, human interaction, status, and bottlenecks, while ensuring adherence to policies.

STi’s Business Process Management expertise has been used to automate, streamline, and document critical functions in both the public and private sectors. Technical expertise, domain knowledge and experience with process management methodologies are all crucial parts of our BPM strategy. We document business processes, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and business rules for both current and desired systems. We also establish monitoring strategies for compliance, and as a metric for continuous process improvement. We are experts in BPM tools that manage and control processes through metrics, proactive monitoring, and effective communication that creates a sustainable, process-based organization.